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Founded in 1943, Cascade Corporation is a world leading producer of forklift attachment, forks and accessories. Cascade provides the optimized materials handling solutions for a variety of industries around the world including: food processing, chemicals, metal, paper, port and harbor, recycling, textile, white goods, wine & spirits, warehousing and distribution. Our attachment product serves almost all the forklift OEMs as well as their dealers all over the world.

Cascade worldwide headquarters is in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., and the subsidiaries are located in 19 countries, Among the total of more than 2,000 employees, 19% of them have 25+ years of tenure. The accumulated product design experience of our engineering team exceeds 180 years.

Cascade’s global presence means we can collaborate and provide solutions around the clock. State-of-the-art information system allows employees to share information and partner in any location. We leverage the expertise of our global team to solve challenges – no matter where they are in the world. The right person for the right job – providing solutions our customers can use to optimize their businesses.

Cascade does more than simply sell attachments. We are materials-handling experts.Cascade focuses on finding the right solution that will help businesses run more efficiently and productively. Save time and money – adding to the bottom line.


People (Personnel) —— Nearly 2000 people around the world, and 19% of them have 25 years or more of tenure. We have extensive expertise to recommend the best solutions.

Partnership —— Our experience and solutions help the global customers solve their challenges and improve the efficiency.

Global Resources (Supply) —— Shared global resources, manufacturing in every region, provide fast service to dealers and customers around the clock.

Our Promise (Warranty) —— Longer warranties demonstrate confidence, dealers can feel confident recommending Cascade to customers, and the end users could feel free to use the products.

Innovation (Engineering) —— Combined experience of the engineering team is more than 180 years, use state-of-the-art engineering systems to design exactly what a variety of industries’ need.

Proven Products (R&D) —— Performs extensive product reliability & durability test in harsh environments and rigorous applications before mass production, minimizes Damage, which means potentially less down-town for repair.

Service (Parts Availability) —— Support our customers with expert service and fast parts availability. The human resource always develops while our customer service work keeps going forever.

Cascade Xiamen Forklift Truck Attachment Co.,Ltd was founded in 1987, it’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cascade Corporation. Located in Haicang district, Xiamen City, the company owns the largest forklift attachment production base in China currently, the modern fork production base of internationally leading level, and the modern production base of construction attachments.

Cascade Xiamen is the first professional manufacturer of forklift attachment in China, it is also the largest manufacturer of attachment in China, and the key industrial enterprise in Xiamen as well. Since its investment in China 30 years ago,  Cascade has always been leading the development of forklift attachment industry in China, and maintains its undoubtedly leading advantage in the industry.

Cascade Xiamen manufactures a variety of attachments which make the forklift truck to become a versatile and efficient tool with the function of clamping, rotating, tipping, push pull and sideshifting and so on. The diversified attachments include Paper Roll Clamp, Bale Clamp, Pulp Bale Clamp, Carton Clamp, Multi-Purpose Clamp, Tobacco Carton Clamp, Sideshifter, Push Pull, Tyre Clamp, Singe-Double Pallet Handler, Load Stabilizer, Rotator, Drum Clamp, No-Arm Clamp, Fork Clamp, Bar Arm Clamp, TurnaloadTM,  TurnaforkTM, Block Clamp, Load Extender, Hinged Carriage, Telescopic Fork, Fork Positioner, Hose Reel, etc. Each product category contains many different models and types to meet the demands of various applications. Meanwhile, we also provide custom products in accordance with the customers’ special needs.

Casacde Xiamen fork plant is the most modernized fork production base in the world, which manufactures high quality forks of various specs. to meet the requirements of overseas markets. Currently, our fork product offering range covers 6 series and 22 standard models of ISO 2 and ISO 3 mounting hook-on types. Fork length available: 1M, 1.05M, 1.1M, 1.15M and 1.2M,  Fork Rated Capacity@Load Center: 1T@500mm - 2.5T@500mm

Since its debut 30 years ago, Cascade Xiamen achieved numerous honors along with its rapid growth. The details as below. 

In 1987, Cascade acted as the premier company to introduce the advanced materials handling technology, lift truck attachment into China. It was selected as one of National Major Import and localization Items.

In 1988, the imported 9 categories – 153 models of Cascade attachment were included in the shortlist of National Key Imported and Localized Projects under the recommendation of National Ministry of Mechanical Industry.

In 1992, Cascade’s localized forklift attachment passed the Technology Verification sponsored by National Ministry of Mechanical Industry with the acknowledgement of attaining international advanced level and the qualification of being the substitute of imported product.

In 1993, honored with “Xiamen Foreign Invested Enterprise of Advanced Technology” granted by Xiamen Municipal Government.

In 1994, granted as “Xiamen Advanced Enterprise of Foreign Investment”.

In 2001, Haicang facility was completed and put into running, it is a key step of Cascade strategy of globalization, the first time for Cascade to own important manufacturing bases simultaneously in three continents (America, Europe, Asia).

In 2002, awarded as “Top 300 Industrial Enterprises of Best Economic Performance in Fujian Province”.

In 2004, listed as “Top 300 Taxpayers in Fujian Province”.

In 2005, elected as “Top 150 Key Enterprises in Xiamen”, awarded by Xiamen Municipal Government as “Prime Enterprises of Good Compliance with Contract and Credit” of Years 2003-2004, also honored as “Advanced Entity of Loving Care Project for Aiding The Tsunami-hit Areas ”granted by Xiamen Red Cross Society and Xiamen Red Cross Foundation.

In 2006, awarded as “Top 300 Industrial Enterprises of Best Economic Performance in Fujian Province”.

In 2007, awarded by Xiamen Municipal Government as “Prime Enterprises of Good Compliance with Contract and Credit” of Years 2005-2006. Certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

In 2009, awarded by Xiamen Municipal Government as “Prime Enterprises of Good Compliance with Contract and Credit” of Years 2007-2008. Ranked as “Credit Class A Enterprise” by Xiamen Local Taxation Bureau and Xiamen Branch of National Administration of Taxation. Granted as “High-tech Enterprise”, “Advanced Enterprises of Quality Management in Fujian Province”, and “Prime Enterprises of Good Credit in Fujian Province”. 

In 2010, awarded as “The Premium Brands of Xiamen”.

In 2011, certified by ISO 3834, and awarded as “Prime Suppliers of Chinese Industrial Truck” sponsored by CITA, The Industrial Truck Branch of China Construction Machinery Association, and consecutively hold the award hereafter.

“Staying Ahead” exactly reflects what Cascade has been practising, and “Continuous Improvement” is the company’s persistent guideline of business operation. “Thousands of miles the roc has flown, but it still takes the lead in sky”. In recent 21 century, China has made great achievements that attract people’s attention worldwide, and there’re tremendous business opportunities in the materials handling sector. It provides vast space for Cascade to develop in China. Cascade Xiamen Forklift Truck Attachment Co., Ltd. will further expand its leading advantage in China, and contribute more to narrow the gap between China and the world in the advanced material handling technology, as well as enhance the development of global material handling business.


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